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::Padded Fully adjustable chestbar in an angle load
::15 Position adjustable chestbar
::Load sharing suspension
::Swing out tackbox (Patented) - new design for angle load



Angle Load Chestbars

15 Position Chestbars

Load Sharing Suspension for ride comfort
Swing Out Tack Box


"...World first, leading designs and  innovations to make travelling and use of the float user friendly,  easy and the safest possible for humans and horses alike..."

  • World first, padded, fully adjustable chestbar in all our angle load floats. This now means that travelling a pony right up to a warmblood is done with a SEAT Belt, ensuring less muscle soreness, less likely to develop travel sickness (please refer to the published documents regarding this sometimes fatal condition) ensuring horses are held firmly, away from the side wall and in the event of a vehicle having to stop suddenly, the horse is not propelled into the side wall resulting in the very least a chiropractor visit or in the worst cases a full dentist visit.
  • 15 position, fully adjustable chestbar, that enables the bay to be shortened in length, and lowered in height. It drops down out of the way to walk yourself through when training a young horse, or in the worst scenario if a horse should go over the bar, it will release to let the horse get back out even with a load on it. Whereas with the old style chest support it would not cater to a smaller horse and would have to put up with a bar which would come somewhere up on its wind pipe, not its chest. This is dangerous should the tow vehicle stop quickly, throwing the horse against the high bar and could cause damage to its windpipe.
  • 2 position, padded chestbar, which is a similar design as the 15, but has 2 positions suitable for horses 11hh and up. It is a drop down, walk through design with the same safety points as the 15, in regards to a horse going over or under the bar, quick easy release without the need for a grinder to cut the bar out.


  • Swing out tackbox which is again a first of its kind, to swing out, and lock out all while the rear tailboard is closed. Great for camping or the shower in the area where the tackbox must usually be in standard angle floats. Its design does not mean there is a gap between the tailboard and the float like some are. This unique design seals as tight and dust free as a tailboard without a tackbox all while your gear is securely locked away outside the float.


  • Load sharing suspension, rocker roller suspension, the only true load sharing suspension, reliable and safe enough for livestock. When all axles remain on the ground over un-even terrain, ensuring the load is evenly balanced and safe at all times. Compare this to the rubber torsion, and leaf/slipper suspensions. When shown going over a kerb, the axle lifts completely off the ground, transferring all the weight to the remaining axle still on the ground.  Follows is a part of a document bought out by Vehicles standards, in relation to suspensions, and which highlights the fact that most manufacturers who have this non load sharing suspension are in fact, illegal.

Vehicle standards web site STATES:

8.1.              All the ‘Axles’ in an ‘Axle Group’ ( 2 or more axles is a group) must be related to each other through a Load Sharing Suspension’ except: 
8.1.1.          ‘Close Coupled Axle Group’ ( slipper/leaf suspension or rubber torsion/rubber cush bar suspension) on any motor vehicle or trailer (including a ‘Semi-trailer’) with a ‘GVM’ or ‘ATM’ less than 4.5 tonnes (which all vehicle bumper pulled floats are) provided that the load carrying capacity of each of the ‘Axles’ and the wheel and tyres fitted to each ‘Axle’ is at least 120% of the load imposed on that ‘Axle’ with the vehicle or trailer at its ‘GVM’ or ‘ATM’;  (IE: if the float is rated to 2 ton, then one axle must be able to take 120% of this load, and thus the same applies for 3 ton rating and the maximum 3.5 rating on bigger floats.)

  • Hardwood boards (150 x 25) not ply, which no matter the name or rating, is still slivers of timber glued together, and once a screw has penetrated the material to fix it down to the chassis of the float, rotting will begin. Some say that marine ply is better, we would agree if the float floor was like a boat, sealed, and fibreglassed over before the rubber went down. We do not know of any manufacturer of formply, marine ply or hardwood ply who will guarantee their product when subjected to the conditions that a horsefloat  will put it under.
  • Towhitch chains on the front of our floats are certified 4177, which means they are not simply gold or galvanized chain not rated for any more than a box trailer, but have been tested to withstand the pressures and weights a large trailer with livestock should it come away from the tow vehicle. It has been tested to not stretch or snap, and we always use 2 for double the safety! While this chain is the legally required chain, most manufacturers believe this is not a good enough reason to use this more expensive chain, and continue with the unsafe, and illegal, and soft other chain varieties.
  • All of our suppliers must stand behind and trust their products, to be allowed into our trailers. We are constantly monitoring supply and quality. Where possible we use 100% Australian made products, and in other cases, we ensure the product is backed and trusted by the Australian importer, 100%.



  • Horse people building for horses. “Knowledge is obtained from life experiences”, and if you don’t have any more knowledge than how to build a box trailer, how can one build a horse float? This livestock trailer, which carries a shifting sometimes moving load, needs safety, comfort and practical, easy to use components, and needs to be built by a person who understands weight distribution, horses needs, horses problems, legal requirements and ensures they go into every product. We are prepared to try and solve issues and make horses lives, while travelling the best it can be, not produce the same old, same old, which is now seen to be like a square wheel before a round one was made by an innovator.
  • Flexibility with options, to positioning where you want things, to trying new designs or innovations for your needs. We can and will add to and enhance our most basic models because we know they have the same material, components and are of the same high quality our very deluxe models are. We are never afraid to improve or listen to customers feedback regarding our floats. We will change anything, if feasible, to suit our customers.
  • 5 year written structural warranty, a full written warranty stating conditions, exceptions, obligations by the owner
  • You are not just buying a float when you buy a Writco, it’s a name you can trust, with genuine horse people, and the highest quality float on the market. We have fantastic customer service, we assist right from the choice of your float, extras you want, setting up the design of your kitchen and layout, to the colour stripes and decals. We follow up when you take delivery of the float, to ensure you are happy, give you a full pack which includes a user guide, for the float, breaksafe unit, angle system, service and maintenance guide for an easy to operate and maintain your float for many years to come. We remind customers periodically via email, about servicing and interesting new options or innovations that may interest them.


Designed by Horse Enthusiasts for Horse Enthusiasts. Engineered suspension and class leading comfort levels for your horse are only the beginning...



Enter the world of Writco Horsefloats. What its like to own a quality horse float and all questions related to transporting your pride and joy.


No Hidden Costs - No Hidden Extras. Writco Horse Floats incorporate all extras as standard and provide you and your horse with class leading quality.

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