Model Lineup

Straight Load Floats



Angle Load Floats

2 Horse Angle

3 Horse Angle





2 Position Chest Bars 15 Position Chest Bars Angle Load Chest Bars Swing Out Tackboxes


Here at Writco, we have been listening to the ideas of respected horse people and creating and building innovative quality new designs to make the floating experience the best it possibly can be for both horse and human alike.

We have over 40 years family history in building floats, and we are also horse lovers and owners, just like our customers. We are able to observe our own horses whilst travelling, which allows us an insight into what the horses themselves prefer.

Our innovative chest bars in angle load floats, vastly improve the horse's comfort while travelling. Giving a horse a means to relax, rest, lean and allow the mucus to run freely down nasal passages, has been seen to be the healthiest way to have a horse travel safely and in comfort. Strains, sore muscles and rubbed tails associated with horses bracing themselves in an uncomfortable ordinary angle, is now a thing of the past.

Our innovative multi position, removable, adjustable chest bars and rump bars allow for transporting horses of different sizes comfortably together.

Our innovative swing out tack boxes ensure that horses can be safely loaded and unloaded, with maximum room to move, while still allowing ample storage for all of your precious tack and equipment.

At Writco, we listen to both horses and people, and are constantly coming up with new ideas that improve the ease, comfort and safety of travelling with your horse.



Designed by Horse Enthusiasts for Horse Enthusiasts. Engineered suspension and class leading comfort levels for your horse are only the beginning...



Enter the world of Writco Horsefloats. What its like to own a quality horse float and all questions related to transporting your pride and joy.


No Hidden Costs - No Hidden Extras. Writco Horse Floats incorporate all extras as standard and provide you and your horse with class leading quality.

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